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5 Best Medical Website Builders for the Healthcare Sector

When it comes to running a healthcare center, having a professional website is essential. We all understand that it can not only help you connect with patients but also help create credibility and trust. But building such a website can indeed be a challenging task. That’s where website builders come in handy. Since they provide user-friendly platforms that make creating a website a breeze. You won’t even need to use any code in many cases to do so.

So, we asked our website development team, who have worked with numerous healthcare facilities, to curate a list of the top 5 medical website builders along with their pricing and examples. Let’s take a look at the options they have suggested and find the perfect fit for your healthcare center.

1. Wix-

With its intuitive drag-and-drop interface and a vast collection of modern, responsive themes designed specifically for healthcare businesses, Wix is a popular choice. You can create visually stunning websites without any coding knowledge, customize to your heart’s content, and benefit from built-in SEO tools and reliable security features. The free plan is a great starting point, but you may want to upgrade to a premium plan for more advanced features.

Pricing- Wix has a free plan, and premium plans start at $14/month, giving you access to more features and customization options.

Themes- You’ll find a vast collection of modern and responsive themes designed specifically for healthcare businesses. Example themes include –


✓ User-friendly drag-and-drop editor, no coding required

✓ Extensive customization possibilities

✓ Built-in SEO tools to boost your online visibility

✓ Reliable security features to protect your website


✗ Limited functionality with the free plan

✗ Potential website ownership concerns with the free plan

✗ Limited control over your site’s code

Example – Check out ‘My Dental Clinic’ (https://www.mydentalclinic.ae/) built with Wix.

2. Durable

Durable is a website builder tailored for businesses like yours. With its multilingual support and robust e-commerce capabilities, you can create mobile-responsive websites with ease and even sell products or services online. The intuitive site-building experience and excellent customer support make Durable a solid choice for healthcare professionals seeking an online presence. This builder was just introduced in the fall of 2022.

Pricing – Dudarable’s pricing starts at $19/month for the Basic plan, with more advanced options available.

Themes – They offer a decent selection of healthcare-focused themes that are mobile-responsive and easily customizable. Some themes are as follows:


✓ Intuitive site-building experience, even for beginners

✓ Multilingual support for reaching global audiences

✓ Robust e-commerce capabilities for online sales

✓ Excellent customer support to guide you along the way


✗ Limited features in the free plan

✗ Fewer theme options compared to some competitors

✗ Potential for higher costs with add-ons and upgrades

Example – Check out ‘10web’ (https://10web.io/case-studies/) built with Durable.

3. Squarespace-

Renowned for its beautiful, professionally-designed templates and seamless mobile optimization, Squarespace is an excellent option for your healthcare website. You can create visually stunning and engaging websites with powerful e-commerce capabilities and excellent blogging tools to share your expertise. While there’s no free plan, the user-friendly interface and customization options make it worth the investment.

Pricing Squarespace plans range from $16/month to $49/month for advanced features and e-commerce capabilities.

Themes You’ll find a curated collection of clean, modern, and visually stunning themes suitable for healthcare websites. Few examples are:


 Beautiful, professionally-designed templates

✓ Seamless mobile optimization for optimal user experience

✓ Powerful e-commerce capabilities for online sales

✓ Excellent blogging tools to share your expertise


✗ Limited customization options for code-savvy users

✗ No free plan available

✗ Potentially higher costs for premium features and add-ons

Example – Check out ‘Pilates by Amanda’ (https://www.pilatesbyamanda.com/home) built with Squarespace.

4. WordPress.com-

WordPress.com is a versatile and scalable platform with a vast library of free and premium themes tailored for healthcare organizations. With its extensive plugin ecosystem, SEO-friendly features, and excellent blogging capabilities, you can create highly customized and comprehensive websites. While it may have a steeper learning curve initially, WordPress.com offers robust features and flexibility to take your online presence to the next level.

Pricing – WordPress.com offers plans starting from $4/month for the Personal plan, with higher tiers available for more advanced features.

Themes – They have a vast library of free and premium themes, including many tailored for healthcare organizations. Examples include:


✓ Highly customizable and scalable platform

✓ Vast plugin ecosystem for added functionality

✓ SEO-friendly platform for better online visibility

✓ Excellent blogging capabilities to share your expertise


✗ Steeper learning curve for beginners

✗ Potential security vulnerabilities with third-party plugins

✗ Limited support for free plans

Example – Check out ‘Tonal’ (https://www.tonal.com/) built by WordPress.

5. Mixo

Mixo is a website builder designed with healthcare professionals in mind, offering a selection of industry-specific themes and robust e-commerce capabilities. With its intuitive drag-and-drop editor, built-in SEO tools, and multilingual support, you can create mobile-friendly websites with relative ease. While theme options may be fewer than some competitors, Mixo provides a solid platform for building healthcare websites with the potential for online sales and global reach.

Pricing – Mixo’s pricing plans start at $9.99/month, with more advanced options available for added features.

Themes – They offer a decent selection of healthcare-focused themes that are mobile-friendly and easy to customize. Here are some examples of themes:


 Intuitive drag-and-drop editor for easy website building

✓ Built-in SEO tools for better online visibility

✓ Multilingual support for reaching global audiences

✓ Robust e-commerce capabilities for online sales


✗ Limited free plan features

✗ Fewer theme options compared to some competitors

✗ Potential for higher costs with add-ons and upgrades

Example – Check out ‘Mixo Business Plan for Dental Clinic’ (https://www.mixo.io/dental-clinics/business-plan/dental-clinic-business-plan-fjis) built with Mixo.


Remember, each website builder has its unique strengths and weaknesses, so take the time to explore their features, pricing, and examples to find the one that best aligns with your practice’s needs and goals. Keep in mind that we are out here to help you along the way!

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