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We provide data-driven performance marketing campaigns that maximises ROI and revenue

Importance of Performance Marketing

Precisely Target And Reach Your Ideal Customers Across Multiple Digital Channels

As an entrepreneur, you understand the importance of driving tangible business growth. That’s where performance marketing emerges as a game-changing strategy. By leveraging advanced data analytics and channel optimization, performance marketing unlocks a host of compelling benefits for your online business:

Laser-Precise Targeting: Precisely targeting your ideal audiences across digital platforms, ensuring your message reaches the right audience at the perfect moments.

Scalable Lead Acquisition: Capitalise on high intent demands segments, continually refuelling your pipeline with marketing-qualified leads primed for conversion.

Marketing Investment Maximization: Through rigorous measurement, incessant testing, and micro-adjustments, your ad spend achieves peak efficiency and Return on Marketing Investment (ROMI).

Real-Time Response Agility: Comprehensive tracking illuminates audiences behaviour insights, allowing you to pivot strategies with agility to capture emerging opportunities swiftly.

Elevated Brand Equity: Laser-focused performance initiatives amplify your brand’s voice, solidifying its position as an industry authority.

At Purple Brick, our performance marketing specialists combine cutting-edge martech, nuanced audience intelligence, and cross-channel orchestration to unlock unprecedented growth opportunities for your business.

Our Comprehensive Performance Marketing Solutions

Our performance marketing solutions are engineered to deliver measurable business growth through advanced audience targeting, channel optimization, and comprehensive campaign analytics


Some of our Performance Marketing clients

From small projects to larger ones & from concept to launch, we have helped many awesome businesses make their mark!

D2C Organic Foods


Traffic dropped significantly after the website migration.


  • Identified the product pages which had volume and were easy to rank for quick results.
  • Using the same approach, optimised category & home pages. Also, optimised the CRO.

Increase in Organic Traffic

Increase in Direct Sales from the website



Despite decent backlinks, the client’s website didn’t rank within the top 20 for many relevant keywords.


  • Provided detailed content guidelines after analyzing top SERP results.
  • Service Mix: Content Strategy | Keyword Research | Customer Journey Mapping | On-Page SEO.

Increase in overall organic search traffic

Ranking in top 10 results within 90 days



Increase the Brand Awareness for TOFU keywords due to very less search volume.


  • Focused on broad keywords to understand the search intent.
  • Established niche expertise by writing blogs.
  • Redesigned part of the website and service pages to enhance user experience.

Increase in Traffic in 6 months

Increase in Appointment booked

Proven Expertise

Years of experience and a team of performance marketing specialists deliver consistent, high-impact campaigns.

Data-Driven Decisions

Our recommendations are guided by in-depth analytics, not gut feelings.

Complete Transparency

Clear, open communication ensures you always understand our process and progress.


We set realistic expectations and take ownership of meeting agreed performance metrics.

Agile Optimization

Continuous testing and refinement allow us to quickly capitalise on emerging opportunities.

Client-Centric Focus

Your success is our success - we prioritise your growth above all else.

Performance Marketing

What sets Purple Brick's Performance Marketing Solutions Apart From Any Other Company In Gurugram?

In today’s digital landscape, businesses need a strategic approach to cut through the noise and drive tangible growth. As a leading performance marketing agency, Purple Brick ensures your campaigns are precisely targeted, rigorously optimised, and continuously refined to maximise ROI.

Our performance marketing experts leverage cutting-edge tactics like audience segmentation, channel optimization, and multi-touch attribution to deliver measurable results. We work closely with clients to develop customised strategies aligned with their unique goals, continually adjusting our approach based on real-time data insights.

Establish trust with users

Our years of experience, expert SEO professionals, and a dedicated team establishes a sense of trust through exemplary work

On-time delivery

Time is priceless, and so, we never miss our deadlines

Transparency throughout the project

Our competitors might use smoke and mirrors, but we maintain complete transparency throughout the project cycle.

No false commitments

We deliver what we promise, and we promise what we can deliver. There are no fine prints and no hidden costs.

Weekly communication

We keep the communication open and clear so that you know exactly where the project is.


You are the most important entity for us, and we provide priority support to ensure timely services to our clients.

What Our Clients Say about Us!

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